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A skein of yarn is more than a product, it is a possibility.

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Knitting Boot Camp

Are you a knitter who wants to take their knitting to the next level? Then KNITTING BOOT CAMP is for you! Prerequisite: Must be a knitter with advanced beginner skills.This means you must be able to knit and purl, have completed several projects beyond simple scarves, can read basic patterns, and have time to complete homework based on your knitting speed. Boot Camp Methodology: This is a swatch-based class where you gain hands-on experience in a “safe”   environment (not in the middle of a garment when it is too late to make a difference).We sample and  discuss when and why to choose one method over another. You learn to “read” your knitting.You are not graded.At the end of KBC you will have a comprehensive reference portfolio of your work, increased  confidence, and the ability to … [Read More...]

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