Coastal Knits KAL Update

We’re two weeks into the Coastal Knits KAL and everybody seems to be getting along great with their projects.   There have been a couple of snags in getting the patterns going, but overall these are the easiest patterns and everyone is zipping along.

I did my gauge swatch like I should and the 10 1/2 that the Rocky Coast Cardigan suggests is just right.   Knitting with a 10 1/2 goes so fast.  The cable pattern on this sweater is only 6 stitches and  8 rows.  So easy to memorize!  I love the Cascade Venezia as well.  It is so soft, and easy to work with.  I’m hoping to finish up the raglan increases this weekend and then I’ll really be moving along.

I said in my last post, that I’d post a schedule for the KAL, but have decided with so many different patterns going on, that wouldn’t be fair.  I’ve just divided my pattern into weekly segments so that I can be finished by the last day of the KAL, April 29.  I have to be finished because there are so many other projects calling me!  And, I can’t wait for that first cool spring morning when I’ll be sporting my new Rocky Coast Cardigan.

Hope to see some of you in the shop on Sunday.  If you can’t make it to the shop, please drop a line and let us know how your project is coming!


  1. Buttons are on, the last ends are woven in – my wildflower sweater is complete and I love it.

  2. Sleeves are in, fit is good – but one little question. I picked up the stitches on the front to do the edging as the pattern suggested – three stitches for every four rows. After completing the rib pattern I thought the front was pulled up a bit too short and wondered if I should have picked up every row instead of skipping every fourth one. The picture in the book seems to be slightly curved upward – but, I just don’t know. I wondered what others have done. Comments are welcome.

    • Linda,
      I agree that the front band seems to curve in too much. I did another sweater years ago with a front like that and I’ve never been happy with it, so when I get to that point, I plan to knit every stitch instead of 3 per 4 rows.

      I have a question for you about the neckband. The neckline depth is 61/2″, the same for every size. On a tall person, 61/2″ would be fine, but as I am only 5’1″,I’m afraid the neckline will be too low on me. I’ve thought about knitting up a 1/2″ higher before starting the bind off, but this would change the number of stitches I would pick up when knitting the neckband. The directions say to pick up 36 for every size and I probably would not be able to get this many. My question is – Did you pick up and knit a stitch under every stitch on the right side of the neck to get 36 or did you skip any stitches? If I knew this, I would have a little more confidence in making this adjustment.

      • Aurie,
        Sorry I didn’t see your questions sooner. I did pick up the same number of stitches as called for in the pattern – 11 from bound off sts, 10 from right side bind off and 36 from right side neck and the neckline seems just right for me. I would think that if you wanted to make the neckline higher you could do so. If you would want to come to the store this Wednesday and try mine on before you make any changes you would be welcome to. I am usually there between 1 and 3. We could talk further about a change at that time.

        I ended up leaving the front band as the pattern said. You might want to skip every fifth or sixth stitch instead of every fourth. I think picking up every stitch might be too straight – but it’s a personal preference.

        • Thanks, Linda. I’ll come by the shop about 2:00 on Wednesday

          • Linda,
            I hope you see this before tomorrow. We have to leave Mt. Airy Tomorrow at 1:00 P.M. to get to Greensboro in time to pick up our grandsons after school. I can be at the shop at 12:15 if you would have time to meet me then.

  3. I finished the second sleeve and it’s on the blocking pad. I have the first one sewn in and I have started the edging around the neck and down the front so I’m on the home stretch. I made only a few adjustments from the pattern and feel it is going to fit just right.

    Hope to see all of you at the Sunday KAL.

  4. Every pattern in this Coastal Knitting Collectio is something I would like to knit. I am almost done with the pocket on the left front of the Wildflower Cardigan . Since it is the second front I have done, it is much easier to do the edging and the bobbles. The bobbles are fun to make and turn out looking like the center of a flower. I can hardly wait to wear it (I already have some earrings to wear with it). Since everyone who picked the Rocky Coast Cardigan said it was so easy with such a beautiful design , I started it too. I loved the look of the white on the beach but decided on a beautiful blue using Cascade Yarns made of 70% Merino and 30% silk. i t is a joy to work with and just admire. It makes me happy !

  5. Sounds like all of the Coastal Knit sweaters are coming along nicely. I resolved my shoulder seam problem – really I just accepted it for what it is and moved on :-). I have completed one sleeve and started the next. I could really use this sweater with all of the cool weather we are having now. Hope to finish it in time to put it to use right away.

    Happy Knitting

  6. I am literally up to my armpits with this sweater!!! Seriously, I am just about ready to join the sleeves to the body and have a question about the directions. On page 31 there are three sets of directions “for sizes…..” then a section “for all sizes.” My size is listed in the first two sections. Which groups of directions do I follow? Also, thinking on down the road….way on down….about blocking. This yarn is 70% merino wool and 30% mulberry silk, so do I wet block or steam block? Sounds more like I need some face to face counselling, doesn’t it? Hope everyone’s project is an enjoyable as this is for me.

    • OK, so I figured out the pattern. Simple, right? I just had not seen one written that way. So now, I am on to the yoke and excited about making it to the pattern rows. Keep knitting, ladies!

  7. My Coastal Knit Wildflower sweater is coming along. I have completed the back and the two front sections (love the pockets) but I have hit a snag. I have tried and tried to put the shoulder seams together without any success. I have tried crocheting, mattress stitch, cursing – I am open to ANY suggestions. I have my cup of coffee and I’m going to sit in front of You Tube and try to pick up some pointers.

    On a brighter note – some of us are already picking out our next Coastal Knit sweater pattern. The book is a collection of interesting and beautiful designs.

  8. i am really excited after seeing Linda’s beautiful pocket for the Wildflower cardigan. Linda has her back done and it fits her perfectly. I have been knitting all evening and finally hane 12″ done on the back. Can hardly wait to knit those sweet pockets.. i am still working on my sweater camp project. When the cuffs are grafted to the sleeves, I will be done. Sharon helped me get started with the grafting. It is amazing what a finishing technique this is. Like Natalie, I would like to make the Rocky Coast cardigan . Knitting bring me great pleasure!

  9. I am suffering from knitting deprivation!!!! After not one but two out of town business trips, my hands were aching for my knitting needles! When I returned home last night at 9:30 after a grueling 18 hour day, I could not wait to pick up my knitting and, after even half a row, my addiction was assuaged. The yarn is glorious (Venezia sport), but a bit slippery. I had gauge issues, but once I got past the ribbing and into the sweater itself, all is well. Size 6 needles are working well for me. Natalie, I share your insight that knitting the fronts and back at one time seems like the sweater will take FOREVER to complete. I am lagging, with only about three inches completed, but my hopes are high that progress will be made. I can’t wait to get into the yoke and the beautiful gnarled oak pattern to see how all of that plays out. Happy Easter, and happy knitting to one and all!

  10. Natalie says:

    After yesterday’s KAL I feel like I am finally making headway on my project. I am working on the Gnarled Oak Cardigan our of Classic Elite Yarns Magnolia. Magnolia was the perfect choice I think. My gauge swatch was absolutely perfect on the size 6 needles and the stitches look beautiful.
    After recently knitting a sweater in pieces, it was harder getting good and started on this yoked sweater because you knit the backs and fronts in one piece. It feels like you’re getting no where even when you are making progress because you are doing it all at once.
    I haven’t made my initial goal yet, due to other projects, but am hopeful this week I will! I have got to get this one finished because I am dying to knit a Rocky Coast out of that beautiful Venezia!

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