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Welcome to What’s Needlin’ Ewe’s Coastal Knits KAL!

The “in shop” group got  together for the first time yesterday to get knitting on their Coastal Knit selection.   Several of the Coastal Knits patterns have been chosen and there are a variety of great yarns represented.

The patterns chosen so far are:

Rocky Coast Cardigan Cardigan
Panoramic Stole
Gnarled Oak Cardigan
Wild Flower Cardigan
Rustling Leaves Beret

The patterns are being knit in a wonderful array of yarns:

Cascade Venezia Worsted
Cascade Venezia Sport
Cascade Heritage
Classic Elite Magnolia
Classic Elite Fresco

Yesterday was a quiet day as everyone worked on reading through their patterns,  perfecting the stitch patterns, and  gauge swatches.   I’m knitting the Rocky Coast Cardigan in Cascade Venezia Worsted.  I read through the pattern and the pattern adjustment and once I got that done I was ready to start.  I decided I didn’t really want to do a gauge swatch because I was so anxious to get started on those cables.  Well, I’m pretty sure you know where this is going.  Later last night, after working a couple of rows of the cable pattern (very easy, by the way), the rule follower in me took over.   The cable pattern is beautiful, the yarn is so soft and the cables show up so nicely, but what if it doesn’t fit!  So,  I’ve come to my senses and I’ll be doing a gauge swatch later today.  Then, I’ll get back to those beautiful cables with the certainty that I’m using the right size needle.

So, there you have it, we’re off and knitting!   It’s not too late to join us.  If you are in our area, the Coastal Knits trunk show will be in the shop only one more day, this Wednesday if  you’d like to see it.   Or, you can see the patterns at

Please join in the conversation and let us know how your project is coming along.  If you hit a snag, we hope to be able to help.  Or if you just need a little encouragement, you’re sure to get it here.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with a progress report and our KAL schedule.  Don’t let “schedule” scare you, I promise it’ll be very generous.

Happy knitting, can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Last Saturday’s KAL was the usual buzz of excitement as we saw sweater backs almost completed, pretty pockets, cables and designs forming and a panoramic stole taking great shape. Even though we are a ways from completion some (including me) have started thinking about buttons and other finishing touches. I started blocking my pieces as I finish them so that I’ll be ready to assemble my wildflower sweater as soon as possible.

    I hope you all had a peaceful and meaningful Easter Sunday.

  2. Well, things always look better in the morning! My Wildflower Cardigan is not too big after all. I measured it with two short jackets and they measured 22″ wide and 14″ long so I am going with it. Even though this is not the mental image I have of my back side. I think I will still feel like I look good in it which is the main thing after all. I am ” On the Road Again” so to speak.

  3. Even though we had a near perfect time at the KAL, it turned out to be a real April Fool for me . My sweater is definitely to big. I don’t get any joy out of ripping out so I am jst going to finish my camp sweater and check with Sharon later. Maybe get a haircut , paint my toenails, and bake something.

  4. Even though today is April Fools Day there was no foolin’ around at the KAL today. Well, maybe just a little. There was good camaraderie with lots of laughs along with some serious knitting. We told some humorous stories, shared some personal thoughts and exchanged knitting techniques (and the cookies weren’t too bad either). It was great to see so many people in attendance today. Hope to see all of you next week as well. Happy knitting.

  5. Looking forward to our Sunday get-together to catch up on our progress and admire each others projects. It is also a great time to get pointers on new techniques Sharon told us it ix a good idea to read the entire pattern and I found that the front of my pocket is done as you do both fronts. Will make it more interesting and challenging. Happy knitting you all!!.

  6. Denny Jennings says:

    I am late to the party, so I will just sit in the corner and knit! I agree that starting a new project is almost a spiritual experience. With so many gorgeous patterns, it is a challenge to select just one at a time. Of course, my selection changed three times before I actually started to cast on. I have learned so much from the experts at What’s Needlin Ewe. Thanks to Sweater Camp, I was able to do the math before casting on, marked my pattern, took a deep breath, and dove in! My current selection is the Gnarled Oak Cardigan, and I am using Venezia Sport. After working with worsted and bulky winter yarns, this feels like knitting with small string, but it has a soft, comforting texture and I am excited about all of those teeny, tiny stitches. Yesterday I mastered the bottom ribbing (whew!) and am now on the smoother and faster body. Knitting the sweater all in one piece seems like it will take forever, but the end result will be well worth the effort. Happy knitting to all you Knit Along folks.

  7. I startd my sweater late but it is moving quickly! I may even have it done for those cool spring evenings we are bound to get. The cardigan pattern is deceptively easy , it lulls you into an easy rhythm, so you have to pay attention or you get to the end of the row and the pattern is off. Nothing worse than having to back track a cable pattern even an easy one.

    The cascade yarn I am using is inviting–it has such a comfortable feel to it.

  8. For me there just isn’t anything like starting a new knitting project. It takes your mind off all your problems as well as the problems of the world. The Coastal Knits Book (A Collaboration between Friends on Opposite Shores) is a treasure to read with patterns that are challenging and unique. One of the joys of knitting for me is the patterns that can be made with just knowing how to knit and purl. New finishing techniques seem to be created every day by artistic people around the globe. My Wildflower Cardigan is coming along just fine and I am already planning what I will wear with it. I am going to start on the pockets now so they will be done by the time I get the rest of the sweater done. I think the pockets and the edging will be the focal point of this sweater. Since the pockets start with a cable stitch in the first row Sharon told me to be sure to make sure the cable is extra tight. Knitting is one of the joys of life!

  9. It was a rainy Sunday for our KAL but a few of us braved the inclement weather. Our sweaters are taking shape as we cautiously proceed measuring carefully (as we learned in sweater camp) and planning any adjustments that we might need to make. I am loving the Cascade yarn that I am using. It is a wool and silk blend that has a slight sheen and is knitting up nicely.

  10. I am excited about getting started on my new Costal Knits project . I carefully began by doing swatches to get my needle size correct (as Natalie taught us in Sweater Camp). I had to go down one needle size. My project is the Wild Flower Cardigan, Classic Elite Yarn in Fresco (60% wool, 30% baby alpaca, 10% angora) in a beautiful plum color. As Linda said, I really had trouble with the edging. After much frustration , I went from old straight needles to nice new circular needles and as Sharon related, I am enjoying the challenge. I think it will be smooth sailing on the rest of the sweater until I get to the pockets which have a chart. The Costal Knits book is a joy to read.

  11. Linda Reed says:

    It’s always exciting to get started on a new project. I think we are all off to a good start as we follow the lessons that we learned at a recent ‘sweater camp’ with Natalie Johnson as our instructor. I’m knitting the Wild Flower Cardigan with Cascade Venezia Sport yarn. The bottom trim was a challenge but once past that things have been smooth knitting. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s KAL.

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